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Patented SMART TARP™ Technology (US Patent # 7,594,754 B2) eliminates the drawbacks of tarps, which millions of homeowners and landscapers currently use.

Cut leaf removal time in half.

Highly effective & environmentally sound.
No noise, or need for gas/electricity.
Made of top-quality materials & lasts through many years of heavy use.
Fiberglass stiffeners keep device flat when raking or blowing leaves onto it
Design allows for leaves to be loaded onto it from all sides, and by more than one person
Stays flat and keeps its shape when moved around yard to collect leaves
Closes easily and securely, preventing leaves from falling out during transport to curb or compost heap
Windproof due to use of coated mesh outer panels; stays stable in windy conditions
Slick, high strength inner panel allows it to move easily over virtually all terrain and asphalt ; endures heavy and repeated use
Built in handle adds convenience and makes it easy to move when partially or fully loaded
Great for spring yard clean up and for grass and shrub clippings.
Easy to clean and highly resistant to mildew
Made in the USA

Check out our
demonstration video

Demonstration Video 1 (2010)

Check out our

Demonstration Video 1 (2010)
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      The LEAF LUGGER™ leaf net is a completely new product which greatly reduces the time, effort and expense involved in leaf clean up.  The device is a great improvement over, and is much more efficient than, a tarp or blanket, which millions of people currently use for leaf removal. This product is a perfect match for rakes or blowers.  Its simple, effective technology involves the use of stiffeners to keep the device flat when being loaded with leaves and to allow it to close securely when fully loaded.  It reduces the time expended on this annual chore by 50% or more.


      This patented product facilitates rapid transport of leaves and lawn debris from the yard to the curb or compost heap.  The most efficient method of leaf disposal involves getting them to the curb for pickup without the wasted time, effort and expense of putting them into bags. The overwhelming majority of municipalities remove piled leaves from the curbs of homeowners and businesses at least twice each autumn.

      The invention is much more efficient than rakes or blowers at moving large quantities of leaves to the curb which are not close to the destination; this is especially true for leaves in the back yard. The LEAF LUGGER™ eliminates the need to move the leaves long distances with a rake or a blower, which is time consuming, repetitive and physically taxing.  Its design promotes maximum efficiency, as it allows for leaves to be raked or blown onto the net from all four sides. It keeps its shape while in use, and stays flat to the ground. This feature eliminates the biggest drawback of tarps or blankets, which is the need to constantly readjust them so they can accept and hold fairly large quantities of leaves.  This product also can be moved to different places in the yard where leaves are lying on the ground, or which have been blown or raked into piles, without the need to spread or flatten the device after moving it. This saves a great deal of time and effort.

      The leaf net also closes easily and securely, which prevents leaves from spilling back onto the ground while moving a full load of leaves to the curb.  It is easy to open when the  leaves are ready to be dumped curbside, awaiting pick up for composting at a municipal facility or are dumped onto a home-based compost heap.  The device has a solid, slick center portion, which allows it to smoothly slide on and over all types of terrain and asphalt.  This reduces the effort needed to move large quantities of leaves out of the yard.


      This product is durable, cost saving and environmentally friendly. It eliminates the need for the recurring cost of purchasing leaf bags. Leaf bags are expensive, and they keep going up in price every year. The total cost of the LEAF LUGGER™ is less than what many households spend annually on leaf bags alone, and it lasts for many years. It also is easy to clean and store.

      The time and effort which is saved by using this product will allow for many homeowners to dispense with the need to hire landscapers or contractors to clean up their leaves, especially in these difficult economic times.

      Landscapers and contractors also will benefit from using this device, as it represents a low cost  method to increase the efficiency of a crew working at leaf disposal.


      The design of the LEAF LUGGER™, and the materials used in its construction, make the product windproof. The mesh material used for the perimeter flaps , and the added weight from the stiffeners and hardware, prevent the wind from moving it, but the mesh does not allow leaves to escape once loaded. This is an important feature, as it is windy on most days during the leaf clean up season. The product stays flat to the ground, and does not move or buckle when gusts of wind blow.  There is no need to fasten it to the ground with stakes.

      The fact that the stiffeners, and the rope and grommets around the perimeter, allow for the device to close after loading prevents leaves from falling off or from being blown off of the net during transport, and eliminates the need to clean them up again. The net also can be closed quickly and easily by a single person, whereas a tarp or blanket takes a fair amount of time and effort to bundle up after it has been loaded. The materials used in its construction are waterproof, mold resistant and make it easy to clean.


      It is effective when used to collect and remove grass clippings after mowing. The device also makes yard clean up in the Spring easier and faster. The net can be easily moved around the yard for depositing and disposing of branches and other yard debris which litter lawn and garden areas during the Winter and early Spring, and which must be removed before mowing the grass.


      The Leaf Lugger® also helps remove snow from wide driveways and entrances where a shovel or blower cannot move the snow far enough to prevent having to move the same snow twice or more. It also can be laid on a driveway before or as it is snowing and allows for simply dragging the snow away, clearing an 8´ x 8´ area in a few seconds. In wintery conditions the Leaf Lugger® transforms into a "Snow Slugger"!


      The LEAF LUGGER™ leaf net comes in two sizes. The 8’ x 8’ version is plenty big, and is perfect for use by homeowners who have less than an acre of land to clear. The 10’ x 10’ version is geared toward  landscapers and contractors, or to homeowners who are dealing with more than an acre of land and which is heavily wooded.

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